Hotel Julien Dubuque

What makes a person care so much for what they do? I believe it is because you take pride and are passionate about what you are doing. Passion is the underlying emotion that helps me get through a long day of work at the Hotel Julien. I have come to love the Hotel Julien Dubuque and am grateful for all the amazing people I have met. My passion is due to the history, the employees, and the events themselves. In this blog, I will cover the history first, as there is far too much to talk about in just one blog. Look for the second part of this blog to follow in the next few days.

I have never been a person to care for history but have found the historic background of the hotel to be very interesting. From the beginning to now the hotel has lived through expansions, fire, reconstruction, and remodeling. In 1939,  it was first named The Waples House and was named after its owner, Peter Waples, a wealthy Dubuque merchant. The hotel was known for its glamour and gourmet cuisine (familiar to what is seen today). In 1854, the hotel was enlarged, remodeled, and renamed the Hotel Julien after the city’s namesake Julien Dubuque. In 1913, a fire engulfed the hotel which led to reconstruction which took until 1915. In 1962, the Julien was purchased by Louis H. Pfohl and was changed to the Julien Motor Inn. The Hotel Julien Dubuque, as it is now, went through a second renovation and reopened in 2009. The $30 million invested went towards remodeling inspired by the renaissance of Dubuque’s downtown, especially the Old Main District in which the Julien is located. To read more about about the history and renovation please click here. Listed below are some before and after pictures of the Hotel Julien Dubuque.



For more before and after pictures click here.

One of my favorite stories is the story of Al Capone. He would travel to Dubuque and stay at the Hotel Julien when things got “hot” in Chicago. He stayed on the 8th floor with his guards and would use a nearby underground garage to hide his cars. The 8th floor was the perfect view for Capone, as he could see the bridge and know if anyone was coming his way. It was said that Al Capone had even owned the Hotel at one point.

The Al Capone suite, located on the second floor of the Hotel Julien Dubuque is private, spacious, and full of luxury. In it remains the vault that has been said to be Capone’s original safe. For more on Al Capone click here. Images are shown below of the Capone Suite.

To view more on the Capone suite click here

As you can see along with the history, there is so much beauty! This is only one reason why I enjoy working for the Hotel Julien Dubuque. If I can love it this much just from working here,  think of how much a guest can enjoy their stay. Along with the underlying beauty of the renovation, guests will enjoy the pool, gym, Potosa Spa, Caroline’s Restaurant, and the Riverboat Lounge. Go ahead and take a look around!


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