Hotel Julien Dubuque: The Banquet Team

Now that you have learned about the history of the Hotel Julien Dubuque, I will share with you what makes working for the hotel worth it. The people and the events are something I look forward to every time I go to work.  And with anything in life, no two days are ever the same.

The people I work with in the banquet department are some of the best people I have ever met in my life. We share great working chemistry and all want one thing…to be the best. It is amazing how well we all work together.

Everyone has a part in making the event a success. Our setup crew makes sure that every table is set correctly (all legs facing the same direction and all the same squares apart). If you were to look down a row all the chairs match up perfectly, and all table cloths are facing the same way, so that everything is in uniform. Next, the banquet staff is sent in to set all the tables for that particular event. We have been taught on how to make each table identical to the next. Everyone knows exactly what is expected of them and knows what needs to be done. It’s as almost as  if we can read each other’s minds because we don’t even ask what needs to be done next, we just do it.

A lot of what makes a successful event is the appearance of the room. Now, when I say that everything is in uniform let me explain to you what I am talking about. Each setting is the same distance apart from the next;  the silverware, the B&B plates (bread and butter), coffee cups and saucers, the water goblets, and/or wine/champagne, bread/butter, dressing, salt/pepper, sugar/cream, and salads must all be in their correct places. The lemons on the water goblets, the coffee handles, down to even the tomatoes on the salads must all be set at 5’oclock. We strive on perfection, and when everything is set and ready to go it looks amazing! See the images below of how ‘perfectly perfect’ everything must be.

The bigger the event the more hyped up I get, because we get to show everyone what we are all about. It isn’t about how quickly we are able to serve the food, but more so were we are able to get the job done right. Within those 13 minutes (serving 200 + people) were the following met: the bride/most important person are served FIRST, at each table the women are served before the men, all children received their correct meals, we serve from the left instead of the right, no one is missed or skipped, and we are quick; yet kind and professional.

I am so grateful to be apart of a team who strives on continual success. We are all so creative in ways to improve ourselves and the hotel as well. Being creative with what you have will allow you more options. We have more or less the same decorations we had a few years ago, but we continue to come up with something new. The images below are ways our banquet team uses creativity to make the events more special.

There is a lot that goes into making an event a successful one. The day of the event is where everything comes together, and I look forward to working with you in the future to help bring your ideas to reality! My experience at the Hotel Julien Dubuque has taught me to be extremely organized, a great team player, and a strong leader. I know it will be hard to leave my family at the hotel, but they have all prepared me for what awaits me in my future.


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