Wine and Cheese Party

With the gloomy winter in season why not give yourself something fun to look forward to? A wine and cheese party may be just what you need! Here are some ways to make this themed party, one that everyone will be talking about!

Here are the basics:

Theme: Wine and Cheese
Colors: Deep red, brown, green (on this one you may want to go with the theme rather than select colors)
Atmosphere: Relaxed or upscale (it can go either way)
Venue: Clients Home
Menu: Variety of goat cheese, red and white wines, grapes, pears, bread
Decorations: Wine corks, table runner, candles, wine bottles, fruit
Drinks: Water, Wine

For starters you will need invitations. If you are having a very casual get together you could always send out a Facebook invitation to cut costs on paper. You can also make your own or purchase some online. has an invitation that you can download, fill out, and print. It can be found by clicking here.

Since this is a wine and cheese party you will need a variety of both wine and cheese. For this example we are going to use goat cheese. You will need a variety from the very mildest to the strongest. To find out which cheese goes with which wine, it is always recommended to do a little research. I was able to find the following through “Fresh chevre, typically soft, white and tangy, is often paired with dry whites like Sauvignon Blanc and Sancerre, and with light-to-medium-bodied reds like Merlots and French country reds. Aged chevre, typically dry, rich and intense, can take on classic heavy reds like Cabernet Sauvignon.” By doing a little research you know what you need to purchase for the party.

Once you have your cheese flavors you will display each of them on a different platter, with their own knife. You do not want all your cheese clumped together, as you want your guests to be able to distinguish the different choices. If you have cheese flavors that are very potent it is recommended to use a glass cover to lock in the powerful scent. If you have too much of a fragrance it will bombard the other choices which may interfere with the tastes of the other cheese.

For the wine to develop their flavors it is recommended to open the bottles 30 minutes before guests arrive.  It is important to also chill your white wine. A lovely display will be to have the whites in a bucket filled with ice.

Another tip you won’t want to forget is to have dump buckets nearby. After each tasting your guests will want to dump out what is left. If you do not have extra wine glasses, be sure to rinse out each wine glass before going to the next. You won’t be able to focus on the flavor if you are using a dirty glass. For a more glamorous feel to the party you can purchase expensive wine glasses that you would find at a fine dining hotel/restaurant. ***Be sure to provide both red and white wine glasses.

Once you know what kinds of cheese and wine you will provide it is time to decorate! Depending on what type of party (upscale or casual) you are planning you will know how to decorate. For a more casual party you can do something like this:

(***All images are taken from

This idea is fun and laid back. You are able to show your guests which wines pair best with cheese/chocolate.

For a casual outdoor party you should try this:

For a more upscale party here are some ideas:

The image above is a fun idea! You can number each bottle as well each cheese display to show your guests the correct pairing. This way you are able to chill the white wines correctly, add a fun illustration for the event, and are able to teach your guests a little more about wine.

The image shown here perfectly divides each category into their own separate groups. The candle centerpieces are fantastic! As mentioned above you can cover the stronger fragrant cheeses with a glass cover. It is important to chill white wine so be sure you have a chilled station for your white wines.

I love this image because it is a great display of everything. The wine bottles are included as well as the decanter, all sorts of fruits, cheese, and other finger foods.

Another great addition would be to provide wine toppers. This gives an extra “wow” aspect for your guests to enjoy. You may also consider providing several different wine openers for your guests to use and see which ones they like best. Every added detail will make any event you have that more special.

Some fun ideas are shown below:

If using candles, do not use scented candles, as the aroma of the wine and cheese will be enough.

Toppers add personality and a special touch to your event. They also prevent wine from oxidizing over the course of the tasting and make for a thoughtful gift to send home with your guests.

Click here for more toppers!

Another great display of wine and cheese!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to a wine and cheese party. Make sure you research your wine and cheese pairing before you go out and buy them! Don’t waste too much time drooling over the pictures shown, go out there and have a party!


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