“Thank You”

Saying thank you is a great way to start, grow, and keep relationships; which are the foundation of success for any business. I don’t think a person can ever over use the words “Thank you.” These two words in my opinion are almost as strong as telling someone you love them. I often hear people say they didn’t even get a thank you or a thank you card for what they did. A simple heart filled “Thank You” can really go a long way. Many surveys show that people change jobs because they didn’t feel valued and appreciated. In fact, exit interviews list this as one of the main reasons for leaving. A few easy ways to show your employees that you appreciate them are through praise, share, tradition, and food.

Praise something your co-worker has done well. Identify the  actions that you found admirable. Tell the entire staff, not just the person you are appreciating. This past week a company held their conferences at the Hotel Julien Dubuque. There was one woman in particular who surprised me. After the event  concluded she came up to me and let me know that she appreciated our hard work. She said they had a speaker  talk about the importance of appreciating and thanking employees in their company. This conversation touched me, because it is so true! I felt appreciated for all that I did, and not only that, but it also made me want to work harder.

Saying thank you to the people you work with motivates them to do a better job. If you’re motivated, your levels of productivity naturally increase and you’re more likely to repeat the behavior. Monday night at work was a long night. There was a lot that needed to be done but the group that we had did an amazing job! I think they may have gotten sick of me telling them that I was so thankful that they were there to help.

Food – Almost everyone loves food. Take a co-worker to lunch to express your appreciation for all of their hard work.  At the Hotel we have an Employee of the Month Potluck. All employees who were nominated that month are invited for appetizers and praise. This encourages everyone to keep up the good work and shows them that they are appreciated.

Tradition – Create a fun tradition. Whether your tradition falls around a holiday or you make up your own, getting everyone involved brings the group together. Most companies will have a holiday party for their employees towards to end of the year to thank them for all their hard work. These parties are a great way to get everyone together and celebrate a year of hard work and gratitude!

Share – Share success stories with your co-workers. Letting them know what their work means to someone else can have more impact than anything you might say. Last year the Hotel Julien was nominated in Martha Stewart’s Magazine for the number one place to be married in Iowa. This is a huge accomplishment and is something that the banquet team shares with new employees. By sharing this, we are informing the “new bees” what they are a part of…and that is something that is great. In order to continue to grow we must continue to succeed, and in order to do that we must always remember to say THANK YOU!

Next time someone does something for you be sure to let them know you appreciate them.  Acknowledging others is after all an aspect of good leadership. It is about giving people confidence and motivation so that they continue to work hard. I thank you for reading this blog and hope that regardless if you are the owner, upper management, or the little people that you over use the words “Thank You.” You might start to notice a difference in your workplace.


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