St. Patrick’s Day

When you think of shamrocks and the color green most people think of St. Patrick’s Day. Saint Patrick lived in the fifth century and was a patron saint and national apostle of Ireland. He was born in Roman Britain, he was kidnapped and later brought to Ireland as a slave when he was 16. He escaped years later but returned to bring Christianity to the people.  It is believed that he died March 17, 461. After he died it is said that his life had an impact on the Irish culture: Perhaps the most well known legend is that he explained the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) using the three leaves of a native Irish clover, the shamrock.  Today, St. Patrick’s Day is the most widely celebrated saints day in the world!

Many of you have probably seen what a typical St. Patrick’s Day party would look like…lots of green and beer! In this blog, however, I will show you ideas on how to throw a stylish party for your guests.

Theme: St. Patrick’s Day
Colors: White, Green, Gold
Atmosphere: Sophisticated and fun
Venue: Banquet room/home
Menu: Soda or Beer Bread, Corn Beef and Cabbage, dessert
Decorations: Moss with butterflies, vase with twigs, butterflies and/or shamrocks
Bar drinks: Guinness and other Irish cocktails

Instead of having plastic plates, silverware, beads, and pots of gold why not use real tableware and stylish centerpieces? The images below portray St. Patrick’s Day through the colors, rather than a typical Irish theme. ***The images below are used with butterflies. You can replace the butterflies with white shamrocks to give the setting more of an Irish feel if you would like.***

As you can see white is the main color, added with the Irish green and gold accent colors. This is a very sophisticated table setup for a more formal occasion.

To have this look you will need the following:

  • green moss sheet or grass mat
  • artificial butterflies (or shamrocks)
  • decorative rocks
  • white paint for rocks

If you have multiple tables for a large party, you should consider having two or more centerpiece ideas. For a taller centerpiece, see the image below:

To have this look you will need the following:

You’ll need:

  • tall glass vase
  • bleached mitsumata branches
  • sand or white rocks
  • artificial butterflies (or shamrocks)
  • satin ribbon
  • Green Moss

As mentioned in previous blogs, napkins are an important element as they are decorations in themselves.  For this setting a napkin like the one below would fit perfectly!

You will need:
Embellish white napkins with a double layer of ribbon and a small artificial butterfly (or shamrock). Glue the butterflies (shamrocks) onto small stones or vase gems before placing them on the napkins to help them stay upright.

Another great way to accentuate the green color throughout would be to add green tape/ribbon (green floral tape is sticky on one side) to the stemware. The image below shows this very well:

This setting shows bamboo plates, you may use these or gold plates to go with the theme.

Since this is an Irish holiday, you may want to consider playing Irish music in the background for a more lively feel to the mood. You can find Irish music online, High Kings is an example of Irish music.

The Irish culture wouldn’t be experienced without adding some alcohol to the party!

You can never go wrong with Guinness in a glass.

To keep it classy for this sophisticated party check out this website for great ideas.

For Dinner, place Brown Irish Soda Bread or Beer Bread on every table.

Recipes for different kinds of breads are listed below:

For the main course use Corned beef with cabbage and potatoes

For dessert, the sky is the limit! Below I have added some decant treats…it’ll be up to you to decide which one(s) you will use.

With this sophisticated twist to St. Patrick’s Day you are sure to “WOW” your guests! Just be sure to wear some green so you don’t get pinched! I hope everyone has a memorable St. Patrick’s Day this year.


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