9 Wedding Woes to Avoid

Everyone wants their wedding to be a great time, but sometimes odd oversight or social missteps slip in. By following this tidbit of advice you will be well on your way to that dream wedding you have always wanted.

1. Don’t force your guests to pay for a good time.

Having a full cash bar may upset your guests. Granted, they are coming to celebrate your big day with you but it is rude to expect your guests to pay for their own drinks. Would you invite friends over to your house and expect them to pay for their own drinks? No, you wouldn’t so don’t skimp out here.

Instead of cutting out drinks completely, why not offer drink tickets? This way everyone is allotted a certain amount of drinks. Other options are to have a hosted cocktail hour, host beer/wine/soda throughout the night, and/or offer wine with dinner to all guests.

If your guests can bring you a gift for YOUR wedding, it is only fair to spend a little money on them.

2. Don’t include gift registry information on your invitations.

By doing this, you are making yourself look greedy and rude. Word of mouth will circulate through the Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and family members. Telling your guests where you have registered implies that your guests are only welcome if they bring a gift…and that is not the message you want to give out! Their presence alone is a gift in itself!

If you would prefer not to receive gifts, but would rather have donations made to your favorite charity you may carefully indicate this on your invitations “your presence is your gift” or “guests are welcome to make a donation to ABC Charity in place of gifts for Mr. X and Miss Y.” This informs your guests that they are not expected to bring or send you a wedding gift.

3. Don’t boss your attendants around.

Remember your manners when you ask for help. Your response should be “If you don’t mind, I would really appreciate your help mailing invitations. Can you help me?” You should NOT say “You’re coming over on Friday night and you’re going to help me mail 200 invitations. Be there on time.” Your attendants want to help you. They do not want to be bossed around or yelled at. Treat them with kindness as they love you and want to be a part of your big day.

4. Don’t leave your guests hanging.

If you know that your ceremony and reception are several hours apart because you want ample time for pictures, make sure you have something to keep your guests entertained in the mean while. A cocktail hour with music would be suitable for the long break in between the ceremony and reception. Be considerate to your guests when planning the reception time.

Do your friends a favor and let them attend the wedding as friends, not as your hairstylist, your manicurist. your florist, or your photographer. THE ONLY TIME it’s okay to ask friends to handle important wedding tasks is when they work as professionals in that particular field. Just because you know someone who can bake, doesn’t automatically mean they are cake experts. It puts a lot of strain on your friends when you ask them to handle major elements in your wedding. Amateur skills are great, but leave your wedding to the pros and let your friends enjoy your wedding day too.

5. Don’t choose a stranger to be your master of ceremonies.

If you don’t know the MC, thing could get really uncomfortable at your wedding. You could hate the Chicken Dance song and have a DJ who gets everyone up and dance to that song. If you don’t want this to happen be sure you have communicated to your DJ what you like and don’t like so that you are not embarrassed by their personality. No matter who you choose, make sure their tone and personality match what you want for your wedding!

6. Don’t drink too much the night before your wedding.

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it? You would be surprised by how many couples go out the night before their wedding for one last night on the town being single.  If you want to wake up with puffy eyes, pale skin, an upset stomach, and a headache I encourage you to go out drinking the night before your wedding…if not, DON’T DO IT. Resist the temptations to party the night before your ceremony, or you could end up ruining one of the most important days of your life.

7.  Don’t wait too long to order dresses.

If your dress is a couture gown or special order, make sure you order it at least 8 MONTHS before your big day. Anything one-of-a-kind or from a designer will take at least this long to make. Think of the disaster you would have if your dress didn’t get finished on time or didn’t fit right because you ran out of time to get it fixed! Think ahead and order your dress early on so that you can save the headaches later.

8. Don’t invite more guests than your venue can hold.

Don’t send out too many extra invitations for your wedding than the number of guests that can fit in the venue. There will be people who cannot attend, but you may be surprised by those who “accept” your invite rather than “decline” it. You can’t assume who is coming and who is not. When you set the guest list you must have the venue limit in mind. Many places have strict fire safety regulations and will not allow you to add extra tables for the extra guests. You wouldn’t want to book someplace new because you have too many guests. In general, 80% of the guests you invite will attend your wedding.

9. Don’t forget to invite your attendants, parents, and officiants.

It is fair to say that your attendants, parents, and officiants are going to go to your wedding, BUT it is still important that they receive a proper invitation. Mail them full invitations and reply cards to show them they are honored guests and have as much right to a paper keepsake as everyone on your lists.

As the wedding season quickly approaches I encourage all engaged couples to keep these 9 wedding woes in mind. Being patient, organized, and responsible will make for smooth wedding planning! If you need a hand or have a question regarding your wedding planning don’t hesitate to contact me directly and I will gladly assist you further!

Email: Diane.bradford25@gmail.com


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