Weekend Celebrations!

It has been a little while since I have last blogged, so let me get you all caught up! I went home last weekend for my sister’s vow ceremony and another sister’s wedding shower. Both events were very special and also fun! The weather on the other hand wasn’t as nice but we managed. It is hard to predict the weather and rain or shine the event must go on. We experienced a lot of rain and snow, but both events went on as planned.

Sister Laura had made her second vow of chastity, poverty and obedience. The ceremony was beautiful! The event started a little late because the Arch Bishop was running late, but no one seemed to mind. He was able to joke with the congregation about the situation and then went on with the Mass. The ceremony was included in a traditional Catholic Mass. There was one Sister who made her fist vow and several other Sisters who had made their second vows. Each of the sisters were glowing with happiness. (The image below is not from this vow ceremony but a previous one). Sister Laura is to the left of the Arch Bishop.

My parents, sisters, God parents, cousins, and Grammie were all able to attend this special occasion in support for our sister, Laura. I was in aw of how happy they all were.

After the ceremony everyone was invited to a reception in the hall. The room was decorated with light blue and white linen, very simple. There were several people who volunteered to make all of the food…and LOTS of it! There was one long buffet line which used 6 foot tables and the center piece was a round table. My only critique would be that with 500 people there should have been two buffet lines, rather than just one. It was difficult to mingle with everyone trying to get through the buffet.

The honorary Sisters had tables reserved for their families. These tables had nice flower centerpieces on each table. There were also cocktail tables scattered throughout the room which were covered with a light blue table cloth and tied with a white ribbon.

We were able to spend time with Laura on her special day. Religious ceremonies bring families together and I am glad I was able to be with Laura on her big day.

The next day was Sarah’s Wedding Shower.  It was difficult to keep the decorations and games a secret as she was there while we were getting everything ready. Her colors are Kelly Green and Silver so we incorporated her colors into the shower. We used daisies, greens, green and white candles, and white roses for the flowers.

There were green and white balloons in another room with pictures of Sarah and Kirk strung with twine across the room. My sisters Mary and Rebecca made delicious appetizers and desserts for our guests. Since the shower took place in the afternoon this was a perfect choice! For drinks we provided several red wines, soda, water, and a pomegranate champagne.

When all the guests arrived they were given a thick popsicle stick. On these, each guest wrote a date idea for the Sarah and Kirk to use after they are married. We placed these in a mason jar so Sarah could have them when she left.

Another game was to break into teams and have one girl to be the model and have the others use toilet paper to dress the model based on what wedding dress they thought Sarah would have. It was interesting to see what everyone came up with!

The last game played was a series of questions and answers. We sent Kirk a list of questions and tested Sarah on her knowledge of their relationship. Each game included gifts for the winners. Gifts included chocolate, wine, and wine glasses.

As you can see, both of these events were very different. Every event is different and requires its own specific attention and detail. One thing that is in common though is that family and friends show up for support. It was so nice to be able to spend time with Sister Laura and Sarah on their special days. I look forward to Sarah’s Wedding and Rebecca’s Wedding Shower coming up soon!