Easter Brunch

Easter is a special Holiday where friends and family come together to celebrate the day Jesus rose from the dead. There are numerous ways to celebrate this Holiday. You would be surprised by how many families go out to eat for Easter Brunch. This year at the Hotel Julien Dubuque we served over 550 guests.The menu extended from an Omelet Station (Ham, bacon, sausage, peppers, onion, mushrooms, Monterey Jack cheese, spinach),  Carving Station (Herb & Pepper Crusted Choice Carved Beef and Maple Glazed Ham), Soup Station (Caroline’s Chicken Chili), Salad Station (Fresh Spring assorted greens, dressings, toppings, cold salads and a chilled seafood selection),  a Dessert Station (A variety of decadent desserts & mini cakes,  Coffee, Tea, Soda included), and a Champagne Station.

For decorations we used all white linen for the guest seating, as well as a colored napkin in the center of the table, followed with a carnation in a vase. The Grande Ballroom was setup with classroom, six foot, and round tables.

The buffet lines were either white or black linen, decorated with Easter colors and flowers as shown above. It was a beautiful setup for such a special Holiday. As mentioned previously, there are numerous ways to make Easter a memorable day. Share time with friends and family over a great meal, then have an Easter Egg Hunt, color eggs, find Easter Baskets, go to Church, and spend time outdoors are just a few ways to make Easter more memorable. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Celebration with your family!


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