Straight From The Heart

My time in Dubuque, Iowa is quickly coming to an end. I am so excited to be returning home to my family in Southern California, but will miss the friends and family I have made here. Looking back on my time here, I can honestly say that I am blessed. I was given a job that I did not care for much at Radio Shack but was then introduced to my soon to be husband. It is crazy what God has in store for each of us. I often stress about how much money I make and what bills I have to pay, but find out that one way or another everything works its way out.

I have come to love this town and all its beauty. The people here are so very kind. I will never forget when I first moved here and was looking to purchase a bed for my apartment. I had told the guy that I just moved into down and was trying to get settled in. He welcomed me to Dubuque and gave me his card in case I had any trouble getting settled. When I attended a Catholic Church (I cannot remember the name of which one it was) the nun approached me and welcomed me to the congregation. Many people have been so kind to me and it is something I hope to share with others when I return to California.

The Hotel Julien Dubuque has become a second home to me. I cannot even count how  many chairs I have stacked, napkins folded, silverware polished, lemons cut, trays carried, or long nights spent working each and every event. I have made everlasting friends through the Hotel and I am sure I will have a breakdown when I leave on May 12th. Although, I can honestly say I am ready to move on. I have had a good run so to speak at the Julien. There were days that seemed to never end and days that I wish would never end. The Hotel Julien staff has led me to my passion and I cannot thank them enough for all their encouragement and support over the years.

I am also very fortunate to be welcomed into the Masterpol family. They have all welcomed me with open arms and have cared for me since Day 1. I will miss having meals at the house and spending time with the boys but know that no matter how far a part we are we will still be a close family. I look forward to seeing the boys and the rest of the family for Holidays, and visits out to California. Ryan will always have the most up-to-date gadgets and I know that we will see each other often. I cannot wait to hear what the boys have learned in school and what exciting event took place at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.

I would also like to thank all of Ryan’s friends who have welcomed me into their “family.” There were a few of you who made the WRONG impression at the beginning but I have grown to like you all. Thank you all for being there for myself and for Ryan. I know that moving away will make seeing each other harder, but never forget how much Ryan appreciates all of you.

One of many things I have learned here is to never take life for granted. I hope to not work soooo much when we move back (if at all possible). My best friend, Linda, has taught me that money is not everything, and even though the extra work is extra $$ it does not replace the memories you could be making. I know this may sound silly, but I have never walked down Main Street and explored the cute little shops! Though, when my Grammie gets here I will be sure we get to it. The few times Ryan and I took mini vacations were so much fun and I hope to be able to take more of those and not work as much as I did.

To sum it up, Dubuque, THANK YOU for welcoming me into your town and for all the memories I have made here. This is not good bye as I have friends and family that I cannot wait to come back and visit.

Here is to some of the best days of my life! =)


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