Employee of the Month Nominations:

” I would like to nominate Diane Bradford for Employee of the Month. Diane goes above and beyond every time she is at work. She always gives 110%. She works very hard, never complains and is always positive. Anytime I need someone to step in and help out with an event, Diane is always the first person to come forward. I appreciate everything Diane does for the Hotel Julien Dubuque. Thank you Diane for leading with a great example.”

–Anna Hilfer, Banquet Manager

” I would like to nominate Diane Bradford, Banquet Server who has been with us almost from the start as we developed our Banquet staff. Diane although very busy with her full time job at Kendall Hunt, continues to give us her all so to speak, part time at the Hotel Julien Dubuque. Diane is always ready, willing and able to demonstrate and deliver great customer service. She is always willing to go the extra mile with a smile and it is appreciated not only by our guests but also by her peers. Please join me in welcoming Diane to the list of August nominees as we show our appreciation for August Employee of the Month.”

–Mark Czeshinski, Director of Sales

“I would like to nominate Diane Bradford for Employee of the month for November. Diane is always willing to jump in and help when and wherever she is needed. Diane takes great care of all her guests that she comes in contact with. While I was on vacation she came in for a couple of Sunday mornings after working late Saturday night to help with expediting. Diane is always willing to come in right after her job at a minutes’ notice to help out Anna with last minute groups. Diane does a great job for us and is a true asset to the banquet team.”

–David Linhart, Food and Beverage Director

“I would like to nominate Diane Bradford as employee of the month. I appreciate Diane’s hard work in banquets–she is reliable and great asset to the hotel and banquet department. Diane is always smiling and having a great time working with her co workers. I have had many people tell me how great she was while working their event. Thanks Diane for your hard work– I really appreciate having you as a part of the team.”

–Mary Kay Harum, Former Wedding Specialist

” I would like to nominate Diane Bradford for Employee of the Month. Diane is always willing to help out with last minute events. She comes to work on time and is ready for whatever needs to be done. She is very professional while assisting our guests and works hard at what she does. She is always kind to other employees and guests as well. I appreciate all that Diane does for the Banquet Staff,”

–Anna Hilfer, Banquet Manager

“The employee who stood out the most for me for the employee of the month was Diane Bradford. Diane is one employee who you can rely on to be here when needed and always be ready to take on any task presented to her and always take it on in a professional manner. Diane always is willing to help out anyone from guests to another employee without a second thought even with a first day employee who naturally will be overwhelmed. Diane will be right there to help them feel comfortable and have an enjoyable experience working here. With Diane’s smile and attitude I find it a pleasure to work with her.”

–Chuck Kotz, Bar Manager


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